About Me (when I was five)



Hi, my name is Zane.

I am 5 years old, and I like making videos for the internet. I like to play games, & play on the computer. I am in kindergarten and I’m a kid. I’m pretty soon gonna turn 6, next summer. For pets I have guinea pigs, fish, & two cats. I have a favorite stuffed animal called Hank, he is bear that lives in my bed. I have a brother named Logan, who is sometimes in some of my videos. Logan is 3 years old, and he is very funny. I’m embarrassed at Halloween. I like the cold, and I have friends at school. My favorite color is red, and blue, and pink, and how about all the colors.

Oh yeah, if you didn’t already know… I like eating eating donuts.

My favorite resturants:
Friendly’s, Red Robin, Logan’s Roadhouse
(cause you get to throw peanuts on the floor)

My favorite websites:
Noggin, PBSKids, NickJr