About Me

I'm outdoorsy (sometimes)

Hi, I’m Zane the greatest boy in America!

I was born in 2003 in Massachusetts on July 14. I am at least 8 years old, but don’t worry I do know my age I just did that so I don’t have to make it over soon with my magic donut wand. Now I live in Arizona. I moved from Massachusetts in 2007.

I got my own laptop for Christmas and I also got Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure. I like to play with Legos and play video games.

I have 2 cats named Leaper & Daisy. My mom has a dog named Cali, me & my dad aren’t Cali’s biggest fans. I also have a goldfish named Mr. Gold that I won at the school fair. My brother’s goldfish died so we flushed it down the toilet. I have 2 rabbits named Chompy & Mazie. Chompy’s got his name because of how he chomps on carrots. Also Chompy looks like a rabid animal when you take a picture of him eating a banana.

My favorite website, besides ZaneEatsDonuts.com, is CoolMath.com. My favorite Holiday is Christmas because I get presents from Santa. My favorite restaurant is Red Robin. My favorite TV shows are; SpongeBob, Adventure Time, Fairy-Odd Parents, Amazing World of Gum ball, and Phineas & Ferb. My Favorite movie is Bee Movie. My Favorite reptile and animal is the turtle, because they are slow.

All in all, I think I’m a pretty cool person.