Word Search


It’s pretty simple, even if you have never done a word search before. On the left side of the play area is a 15×15 letter grid and on the right there is a list of words that you need to find hidden in the grid. When a word from the list is found it will stay highlighted on the letter grid and change color in the list to show that it has been found. The game is completed when all of the words from the list have discovered on the letter grid.


To highlight a word in the grid, click and drag from either the first or last letter to the other end of the word.

[click to launch game]

This is just a rough draft of my word search game.

There’s only one word list right now, but because the letter grid is created randomly each time you play the words will be in a different location.

Eventually, we want to add different categories to choose from, a timer to make it more challenging as well as a high score list to show who’s doing the best in each category.